Work Life Balance

Do we set ourselves up to fail when we pursue a work life balance? Ever wondered why it can be elusive? This pause for thought made us smile – which do you choose – flawless focus or imperfect variety?


Build A Tower, Build A Team

The Marshmallow Challenge is a fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity. In our experience of leading experiential management challenges, certain groups of corporate employees typically do better than others! These secrets can be found in Tom Wujec’s TED talk

Interested in running this as a team build? Instructions can be found at:

How Far Do Women Have to Lean In?

“How much of women’s problems are women’s problems because they’re not leaning in – not taking responsibility for their careers?” On the other hand, “how much of the responsibility is up to the employer to create the environment that women need or men need to succeed at work?” Ellen Galinsky comments on the triangle in Big Think:

How Far Do Women Have to Lean In? | Big Think TV | Big Think.