Learning from dirty jobs

Are we following a diet of bad advice? has our collective consciousness been infected by poor wisdom which we follow blindly, such as ‘work smart not hard’ and ‘follow your passion’! According to Mike Rowe, “People with dirty jobs are happier than you think. As a group, they’re the happiest people I know.” This TED talk is witty, compelling, uncomfortable, informative and thought provoking. If you haven’t seen it then do watch this. Thanks TED for recirculating it in 2013.


Faster than we can learn!

Returning to work after an extended summer break has me thinking not has the world changed, because I know it has. The world is changing more rapidly than most people realise, the question is ‘what’ has changed that we need to know about, whilst Sage Blue has been away for the summer? This prompted a revisit to Eddie Obeng’s fast paced and thought provoking TED talk and a watch of the World After Midnight, both of which are posted here for you:

The World After Midnight