Collaboration in action

I have to thank Michael Bungay Stainer for this post. He posted this video showing collaboration with a back beat. Can you imagine what needed to have happened beforehand in order to be able to achieve this level of collaborative performance? At minimum there needed to be a shared vision, mutual respect, precision timing, trust and reliance on each other – true collaboration in action. The interesting piece for me is also how the video was shot and that it was shot in one complete take, not multiple attempts and it captured the whole flow of the experience.

As an aside, how attentive were you? Did you notice the two guys popping up at 2:25? 🙂


Being good at something isn’t a reason to do it!

Sir Ken Robinson, one of the world’s leading speakers on creativity and education, sheds light on an all too common human phenomenon – many people never truly surface their talents, gifts and passions and they get stuck doing what they know or in what they are well practiced. Can you really know who you are if you don’t know your talents and gifts? Can you excel at something that doesn’t resonate for you? He offers ideas about unearthing our natural talent and describes how when you are in love with something you are really good at you never really work again.

If you are short of time then the bare bones of his wisdom are shared here:

Want to learn more about finding your element –  the point at which natural talent meets personal passion, a more extended, witty and profoundly informative presentation can be found here: