Time Saving Tech Tips

David Pogue (personal technology columnist for the New York Times and a tech correspondent for CBS News) presents 10 clever tips for computer, web, smartphone and camera users. We challenged ourselves to see how many of these simple but useful tips we weren’t aware of. Not one of us at Sage Blue scored 10/10. The spacebar is definitely a sticky meme. We are guessing there’s a high probability that there is at least one you don’t know.


The ‘X’ Model Equation

On a recent programme with a group of directors we explored the ‘X’ model created by Blessing White as part of a discussion on the relationship between organisational performance and employee engagement. We hold a view that we can distil everything down to an emotional or behavioural equation (Chip Conley 2012) and therefore the employee engagement equation is simply the maximum satisfaction to the individual + their maximum contribution to the organisation = an engaged person. You may find the model interesting, if you also pause for thought you may be able to answer the more personal question – are you a hamster, crash & burner, honeymooner or partially or fully engaged?

Who you are today is shaped by the past

As leaders and influencers of others, the competencies and behaviours that we currently display all have a natural origin and that is often in our childhood or following a response to a significant event. If you want to change a behaviour or habit, if you desire to evolve or grow, pick something that matters to you and follow a few simple steps. Daniel Goleman explains…